Yin and Yang workshop 27 June

yin yang 2Want to bring a little Yin to your Yang?

Come along to this workshop to explore how embracing the cooler, calmer, or ‘yin’ side of yoga can help transform body and mind, practiced by itself or when paired with a more active or ‘yang’ style of yoga or indeed other sporting activities.

This workshop will provide an introduction to Yin if you have never tried it before using passive, long held, seated postures. Yin yoga helps increase flexibility, mobility in the joints, calms the nervous system and restores energy. This workshop will start with a yin practice, buld up to a vinyasa or ‘yang’ practice in the middle, before cooling back down to finish with yin again.

Through the session we will explore way to harness and blend the benefits of each practice.

Saturday 27 June 2015, Falmouth Yoga Space.

Please book: 07961076348




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