Pre-natal & post-natal yoga 

**Currently available as private classes (or a group with friends) via Zoom. Get in touch to enquire.**

Pregnancy is a great time to start yoga if you are new to it, or to explore pre-natal yoga if you are an existing yogi. Specific postures and breathing exercises will help you to:

*Build strength and stamina for pregnancy, birth and parenthood

*Bond with your baby through breath and mindfulness practices

*Tune into and embrace your changing body

* Improve circulation

*Relax and take time out to nurture yourself and your baby

Suitable for women in their second trimester (14 weeks) onwards and is open to beginners as well as those with an existing yoga practice.

See Pre-natal FAQs for more info.

Post-natal yoga

Gentle but highly effective practices to help bring your body back together after the birth of your baby, ease any aches and harness the breath to help you feel more balanced in both body and mind.

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